25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

The story of a ragtag group of kids, hoping to win the coveted title of Spelling Bee Champion of Putnam.



This theoretical production of Hamlet features the King’s ex-jester, Yorick as a constant companion to the characters representing the seduction and inevitability of death. Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Grey and the Victorian Aesthetics movement.


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

This theoretical production takes places in the orange groves of Southern California just after WWII. Designs were inspired by family photos and stories. 


Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Costumes Designed by Anthony Tran, this production from the South Coast Repertory Theatre tells the story of Min Li’s journey to save her village from desolation.


Hansel and Gretel

Designed for the Shoreditch Youth Dance Company, this dance production featured a witch who turned her victims into animal tortured animal spirits. Designs were created using mixed media painted onto etched wood, carved leather, and tea stained paper.