Father Daughter (Short)

Written and directed by Sophia Constanza, Father Daughter tells the story of a first generation Cuban American struggling to find her place in a Catholic school that seems to not want her there. Between her religious mother and ex boxing champion father, she must find the similarities in their practices in order to find her own balance and peace.


Clothesline (Short)

Written and Directed by Agazi Desta, Clothesline is the story of a first generation American learning of his mother’s struggles through a clandestine trip through her past. (More photos to come).


Civil Defense: Red Rover

Costumes Designed by Bandera Jones. What happens after America? A Short by Armor and costume breakdown by Molly Martin.


White Colour Black

Written and Directed by Joseph A. Adesunloye, this theoretical redesign is inspired by the fashion of Dakar, and tells the story of a boy raised in London, who must return to Senegal to bury the father he barely knew. He must face a culture he’s forgotten and discover a way of life he had dismissed long ago.